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The travel consolidator you can trust.

Happy Holiday Travel is a consolidator mainly for British Airways and Polish Airlines LOT. We offer special fares from USA to Europe - Western, Central and Eastern - to Middle and Far East and to Africa.


Founder of Happy Holiday Travel - Tad Kutek - in his younger days a British naval officer - is popularly known among friends and business associates as "The CAPTAIN". The World War II did not finish for him in 1945. It was followed by years of service in the Mediterranean and the last episode there was the day of passing H.M. Dockyard - port and town of Haifa to the new State of Israel, which Tad Kutek witnessed and participated in it. Shortly came the threat to the British colony of Hongkong, hastily emergency land and sea defences had to be enforced. Tad Kutek was there. In 1950 Korean war broke out - Tad Kutek was there with some assignment of naval logistic support between Japan and Pusan in South Korea.

Then Tad Kutek decided on early retirement to became a businessman in travel trade because of an ample knowledge of the world.

The adventure started in London 46 years ago. His friends in British European Airways (BEA) and B.O.A.C (British Overseas Airways Corporation) were his mentors. Tad Kutek soon became a "fully fledged" travel agent with all appointments, working only for the British Airlines (BEA & BOAC). In 1956, BEA decided to extend their operations to the communist east of Europe, selecting Poland and its LOT as the first cooperation. Captain Tad Kutek became instrumental and successful in helping British to bringing about - in 1958 - regular flights BEA/LOT. Meantime followed a great fusion of BEA/BOAC creating one airline - British Airways. Friends of Tad Kutek in BA now suggested his help in developing feeding the Atlantic traffic, also with American ethnic traffic to Eastern Europe, and so it happened by opening business - 43 years ago - also in USA, finally in Chicago.

As an preferred BA and LOT agent, Tad Kutek - with the substantial help of his wife and team of professional, very experienced ladies, is having an unique close business friendly relations with BA on one side and with several hundred travel agents cooperating. We provide not only sale of attractively priced tickets - but also negotiate for our agents group fares for airlines, charters, land arrangements and hotels.

Travel Agents who do not know us yet - please get in touch with us.
We enjoy great esteem cooperation support from the airlines we working with, and from you - Travel Agents.

One often wonders, whether the fascinating story of Happy Holiday Travel and Captain Tad Kutek and nearly half of century uninterrupted activities do not deserve a position in the Guinness Book of Records?


Address: 4732 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630
Phone: (773) 282 1188
Fax: (773) 282 2236
Email: info@happyholidaytravel.net
Our business hours:
  Monday-Friday 09:30 a.m. - 06:00 p.m. Central Time
  Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Central Time
  Sunday: Closed



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